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Friday, September 6, 2013

New Arcade Fire Song Coming Monday

Arcade Fire, winner of Grammy Album of the Year for 2010's The Suburbs, have announced the release date for their newest single, "Reflektor." It premieres (online, assumedly?) at 9:00 PM on 9/9, which is this upcoming Monday. The song is the first single from their upcoming album by the same name, due out in late October. Other than two tracks for the Hunger Games film soundtrack, the haunting "Abraham's Daughter" and instrumental flourish "Horn of Plenty," which was used as the national anthem of the governing body in the film. The song will also be accompanied by a music video upon release. The band has done an excellent job of keeping everything about the new record under wraps, with not even the slightest detail, let alone any of the music, leaking online from any source other than the band itself. All three of their records have been outstanding, and yet have still varied greatly from one another. Where Funeral was raw, Neon Bible was dark and The Suburbs was nostalgic. No one really knows what to expect from Reflektor, but Arcade Fire haven't let us down yet, so I'm sure it will be a major highlight on an ever-increasing list of great albums released this year. Check back here next week where, barring a particularly heavy Monday night workload, I'll have the song posted.

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