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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Arcade Fire Play New Song, Appear in Skit on "SNL" Premiere

Arcade Fire, creators of next month's highly-anticipated release Reflektor, appeared on yesterday's Tina Fey-hosted season premiere of Saturday Night Live. The debuted one new song on the show, called "Afterlife," after performing the title track earlier in the night. They also showed up in one the night's funnier sketches, before NBC surprised fans by showing a 22-minute concert film after the show featured not one, not two, but THREE new tracks. This bombshell was definitely a welcome one for viewers, as we have now heard five of Reflektor's thirteen songs. Listen to their live performance of "Afterlife" in the first video below and then the three new tracks ("Normal Person," "Here Comes the Night Time," and "We Exist") in the second one. This is very exciting news for Arcade Fire's fanbase, who had no idea they'd be hearing four new tunes last night.

Note: These would easily be "song of the week" if it weren't that a) there hasn't been enough time to evaluate them and b) there are four songs, not one, and would be impossible to single one out so early on.

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