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Sunday, August 25, 2013

VMA 2013 Not-So-Live Blog

Busy day at the beach means I have the VMA's on DVR - will be fastforward commercials, etc., so eventually I may catch up. Either way, make sure to keep refreshing the article page for every update!

Most excited for Kanye's performance and Gaga.

Gaga imitating Timberlake's "bring it on down to ___ville" SNL skit.

Man can she sing, though. Systematic boos throwing me off.

Mom - "She looks possessed."
Dad - "Is this a Bond song?"

Camera angles making this look like a Palladia concert

Two costume changes in two minutes - she should go for the world record one day.

Still think the song is nothing special, another plain old dance track.

Creepy bird in the back

Unfortunately I think she's losing a bit of her touch. This performance isn't on par with some of her others - remember when she method-acted as a man?

Best pop video: Mars' video looks like an instagram, Miley's just bizarre, Timberlake's makes me dizzy. Hope fun. of Selena wins, those videos are kind of interesting.

Can live with that. Little suprised considering it's public vote, expected Timberlake or Miley to win because their songs are the most recent.

Happy for Janelle Monae,  she's pretty talented. Wish "Sacrilege" had beaten out "Suit & Tie" for best direction.

Forgot Daft Punk were performing, they should be good.

Is that Vanessa Bayer?

She really likes her tongue...

Nothing screams "serious artist" like a former Disney star dancing with demonized teddy bears in an extremely suggestive way

The difference in her singing ability and Lady Gaga's is startling and vcry apparent after hearing them back to back.

Even people like Rihanna have no idea what on earth Miley is doing


Mom - "He looks like he's in prison."
Me - "He should be."

Foam finger... why?

2 Chainz... why?

Could this be any more random? Contemporary art glitter-fied, massive female dancers, eight songs in one, Miley being trashy, and skylights. Plus out-of-tune singing.

Brother - "It's like I'm watching an alien subculture."

How many times have they said Brooklyn so far?

Best hip-hop: Hope Macklemore wins. Got good intentions, inoffensive songs, fun/meaningful videos.

Clearly Iggy & Lil Kim  hadn't rehearsed... "you just say who wins..."

Kevin Hart's back, but not hosting...

Yet another Brooklyn home-fan catering....

Twitter says Eminem announced an album and something about a TLC movie...

Also think Lamar's SNL performance was better than his VMA performance

Artist to watch- rooting for Twenty One Pilots & The Weeknd

Jared Leto looking like Bret Michaels. Guy knows how to make a video

Weezy time. Wish he were doing "New Slaves" and not "Black Skinhead." Gonna take this all in- be back in a jiffy

This isn't "Black Skinhead" as I was told it would be... he was singing though rather than rapping, which is very 808's and Heartbreak

Can't see anything.... just silhouettes and the backdrop

Kind of pointless to have two entire lines of the song bleeped out...

He jumped around a lot, and sang well, but it wasn't what I was hoping for. Guess I should've expected a minimalist performance based on Yeezus

That is one shiny Daft Punk video

Oh they're just presenting... why shouldn't they play?


Best female video: "Stay" should win. Well-written song, fitting video.

Knew it would be Swift. Popular vote, folks

Where's Kanye now? Demi Lovato made one of the most average videos of all time. ALL TIME

Also Miley & P!nk both had teddy bears in their videos.

Best song w/ social message is a really great, innovative category.

Says a lot that Macklemore's pro-gay song won by popular vote, esp. when you consider the constituency.

He's a pretty well-spoken guy

He just echoed my earlier post, good for him for standing up for what he believes in and taking a big risk in the process

Ed Sheeran just chilling in the back

Another Robin Thicke video with an inordinate number of hashtags, Awesome.

Passion Pit & Taco Bell? Could be a match made in Heaven.

Jimmy Fallon!

They've been hyping this... Timberlake & the not-so-secret NYSNC renunion better be good

"I'm bringing boy bands back" - Justin Timberlake, "SexyBack (2013 Remix by me)"

Everyone kind of agrred this album wasn't great right? Songs too long, weird production, boring tracks

Timberlake without a fedora is like no Timberlake at all.

 Is that rape prevention organization still angry with him?

The man is talented, there's no denying that - but I prefer him as an actor, specifically as an SNL host

Medleys make it feel like the Superbowl halftime show. Who's gonna do that this year anyways? Holding out small hope for Foo Fighters (most realistic) and/.or Radiohead or Arcade Fire (still pretty popular)

Joey Fatone looks ridiculous

Timberlake-d out, this has been like a 10 minute performance. This never ends, just like a 20/20 Experience song.


Gaga doing her best Little Mermaid imitation with the clam bikini

Lifetime achievement award at age 32 is pretty impressive

Why is Kevin Hart still here? His first bit wasn't funny at all...

Vampire Weekend! Everyone's favorite awkward geniuses!

Seriously though, love those guys. Ezra is a talented dude

If "Get Lucky" isn't song of the summer the world might explode. It hasn't yet so I assume it won.

Honestly. Daft Punk indisputably dominated EVERY music niche this summer, and a One Direction pat-yourself-on-the-back song that's been out a month?  You live by the popular vote, you die by the popular vote.

Surprise appearance from Jason Collins, MTV really pushing this. Nothing wrong with that IMO.

Weird to see a song with actual meaningful lyrics top the charts.

Could be a big moment... turning point of sorts, having the American flag as the backdrop. Being an independent artist (as Macklemore is) allows him to take more risks

Here comes TLC to make their beig announcement

Left-Eye hologram doing Waterfalls and No Scrubs PLEASE

You were on Degrassi, argument invalid

No sign of Bieber anywhere. Luckily.

Or Nicki Minaj. Night getting better by the minute

Best Male Video: Sheeran's video is histerical, so it should be him, but...


Bruno's was fine, I guess. Sheeran's was awesome, though. In fact, here it is.

That's Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint) folks

Mars does have great stage presence, I'll give him that. Something about his voice bugs me sometimes, though.

Mars managed to give a good performance without doing anything crazy - just good old fashioned singing (I think he's a good singer, his actual voice just isn't for me though) and some really flashy lights.

Video of the Year: Should be "Thrift Shop" out of the five. Looked like a lot of fun to make

God Mirrors is so on-the-nose. Song is "Mirrors" and the video takes place in a hall of mirrors. Honestly.

In a perfect world, "You & I" by Local Natives would have won. Will post more about that later though...

Sweet that he thanked his grandmother.

Katy Perry looks EXACTLY like Monica Gellar (Friends) right now.

All in all, a lot of "Brooklyn"'s, about 800 shots of T-Swizzle, and a lack of recognition for the great videos this year. Had I chosen the nominees for Video of the Year,, it would've looked something like this:

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Sacrilege"
Local Natives - "You & I"
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Despair"
Vampire Weekend - "Diane Young"
MGMT - "Your Life Is A Lie"
The Joy Formidable - "This Ladder Is Ours"

'Til next year.

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  1. You were my go-to live blog on this. Great work Michael, keep it up