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Monday, August 5, 2013

Song of the Week: MGMT - "Your Life Is A Lie"

Rating: 7.5/10

Indie-electro hitmaking duo MGMT released their first single from their upcoming eponymous third record. The song has a quirky feel to it; the structure is somewhat repetitive, which somehow complements the sentiment of the track nicely. Known for crossover successes such as "Kids," "Electric Feel," and "Time to Pretend," MGMT went in a decidedly weirder but in some ways better direction for their second album, Congratulations. "Your Life Is A Lie" reveals that MGMT are sticking to their newer sound rather than returning to their old ways, and it pays off here. The backbone of the song are the consistent cowbell hits and repeating hook. The video is just as bizarre and perhaps even more entertaining, consisting of seemingly unrelated and certainly odd scenes that switch off every measure, including an unorthodox office party and someone who REALLY dislikes buckets full of golf balls. The overall goofy video both matches AND contrasts the song; it meshes well with the simple, two-minute track, yet also showcases the randomness of life that the lyrics portray. Have a look:

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