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Monday, September 9, 2013

Song of the Week: Arcade Fire - "Reflektor"

It's finally here. Three years removed from their Grammy-Album-of-the-Year-winning The Suburbs, indie giants Arcade Fire are back with their brand-new single "Reflektor." The song marks a bit of a left turn for the band, who have ditched their sincere, folksy sound for a more dangerous new-wave style. The track clocks in at just over seven and a half minutes, and features alternating vocals from married lead singers Win Butler and Régine Chassagne. Typically only one will sing lead on a given track, but "Reflektor" contains more cooperation on a vocal track between the two singers than seen on the previous three records. It's an all-out blitz of glamorous new-wave synth swirls and disco drum beats, and it's truly fantastic. The song is by far the longest in Arcade Fire's discography, surpassing Funeral closer "In the Backseat" by over a minute. It's been a good year overall for longer tracks, with Kurt Vile's "Wakin On a Pretty Day" and Deafheaven's "Dream House" both seeing moderate success within their genres despite being over nine minutes long. "Refelktor" gets me even more excited for the Canadian group's upcoming album, due out October 29th. The song, which were supposed to be released at 9:00 PM (EST) today, leaked early. As a result, Arcade Fire have gone ahead and published the correlating music video to YouTube early as well, all set for you to watch & listen below.

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